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When I got time to think, I thanked.

When I got time to think, I realized that  I have a lot to say… But its all unstructured.  He came in my life when I had learnt to live my life all alone. I was kind of OK OK … Continue reading

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That day…

My marriage has been fixed! Yeah, I am engaged. Though I never wanted to get married. Why? because I loved my freedom. It’s not that somebody enforced it on me but I enforced it on myself . Reason? I felt … Continue reading

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Just in time

We want everything so hastily that we tend to lose patience. In want of things early we have actually lost the flavour of the patience and its miracles. However, many of us know the wonders of Patience but are unable to bring in our daily lifestyle. Here is a help! Continue reading

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If he could fit in my parent’s pocket…!!

Its the story of every Indian girl who is in her mid 20s. A crucial time for her career and future and at the same time , a perfect partner is being searched for her. Parents wanted to find her best life partner but soon end up searching a partner who could fit in their pocket. Is that what we should keep doing? Continue reading

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We are the experts in Holding Back!!!!

 “I want to go dance in the rain. No, no, no… Wait!!… I should not, what people will say?” This is just a small example for which we might not care but it exists. This is nothing but just a … Continue reading

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The life I designed….!!!

Though our life is perfect in our way still, we wish we could have a life of more freedom. We always try to figure out how to live life to its fullest, where we are far, very far from alone. … Continue reading

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Making a difference

“Its said that life isn’t about finding yourself, life is all about creating yourself”… But what I feel is life is too short to be busy in finding or creating oneself. If you don’t want to regret any of the times while you … Continue reading

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