When I got time to think, I thanked.

When I got time to think, I realized that 

I have a lot to say… But its all unstructured. 

He came in my life when I had learnt to live my life all alone. I was kind of OK OK with my life. He became a part of my life much much before it was decided that we will be together. 

Yes it is an arranged marriage, he was introduced to me as my mother’s friend’s son. I had a voice call with him, he sounded different. Way different… A person who will definitely be understanding, mature and innocent.  I was not sure. He called me, like daily, I avoided, most of the time. Because for me he was boring like me and I felt two boring person will be superboring for each other.

It was on that day when for some unfortunate reasons I left my job. I did not shared my sorrow with  anyone. At this point of time our marriage was not fixed. I didn’t talked to him as I was in a deep grief. He texted, I replied that I lost my job and went away from all social media. I got a call from him, and his words were so soothing that it made me feel some eternal connection with him. As if , he is there by my side, I am not alone. 

The feeling of loneliness, which was longing with me since past 8 years suddenly went away. Though he was not happy with his life but his presence made my life happy. I decided and gradually started knowing him instead of judging him. As he unfolded, I found that he is me, the very me 7-8 yes ago. He amazed me that he still has that innocence which I lost in due course of life. He has that his aura still has that never say die thing which I gave up in the confrontation that I went through in my world. I admired him, and felt that he is the one who will make me feel the peace that my soul has been craving for. 

Later on, we got engaged. Due to the society that I had grown into, I had no expectations from life being a wife. But he even made me feel like a doll and treated like a wife as and when required. I didn’t fell in love with him. But I fell in trust with him. I fell in love with my life… 


About Shree Shradha

Liberal, Free and unconventional with a sense of responsibility.
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