That day…

My marriage has been fixed! Yeah, I am engaged. Though I never wanted to get married. Why? because I loved my freedom. It’s not that somebody enforced it on me but I enforced it on myself . Reason? I felt that my parents wanted to. Whosoever knew me, were surprised with this news as people never expected me to get married this early. I laughed at their surprising reactions and tend to ignore. But it did killed me. 

My would be husband is a really nice and descent guy but my life goals were different. I was not happy. For me, my dreams were shattering. It was not anyone’s mistake ,it was my choice. I chose to crush my dreams. My in-laws had different expectations from me then I had from me. As the days passed by, my parents tend to take me as guests and they literally started treating me like one!! 

I was not accepted in my in-laws family yet because marriage was still few months far away but I was relieved from my parents house. It was a situation when I felt homeless… And trust me its a terrible feeling. 

But whom should I blame for all these suffocation? Is it my parents? Who did not understood my reason of existence. PR shall I blame the society because of which made marriage a mandate for a girl’s identity. Or shall I blame myself because I gave it up as I did not wanted to win by hurting my parents?

Leaving this to your opinion..


About Shree Shradha

Liberal, Free and unconventional with a sense of responsibility.
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