Just in time

Remember the day when you had been craving for the cake to pop out from oven because you were so much tempted by the mouth- watering smell of it?, what did you do? You waited patiently and allowed to take it time so that you can experience its luscious taste and forget everything in the world!

Our wishes and dreams are also the same case, we want them desperately and we want them now. We want them so desperately that we forgot that everything has its own bruing time. The flavours take time to develop before we get the taste at its best. We get so fed up with the wait that instead of understanding that it will come as it belongs to us we get frustrated. It leaves a feeling of anger, rage and ultimately we attract all the negativity of the universe. In the heat of moment, sometimes, we make permanent damages. Damages like negative reactions to people that might annoy them. With this, we not only harm the people we annoyed but above this, we damage ourselves. We leave a negative impact, thus, destroying our image. Like waiting for the cake, if we keep bringing the cake out of oven just to check whether it is done or nor, we unconsciously affect the final product and covertly harm our baking skills.

On the other face of coin, most of us know the key that things will come on its time but we are not able maintain the patience. I also belong to this category. Based on my personal experiences and learning I have brought you some tricks and tips, which can help you be patient and enjoy the worst waiting scenarios.

1. Understand the importance of waiting: It becomes very difficult when you have to give your 100% effort only in waiting. These are the moments of real life examinations and can stretch your patience to the moon and back. Let us take an example of the time between being jobless and getting a new job. I was once into the situation, after working extensively for five years, for unfortunate reasons I lost my job. I was extremely restless and working was very important and could not afford to live without it as it was the only way of living for me. Searching jobs and jobs portal was of no help. Seemed like a darkness around me and could find no path to move forward. Out of the darkness I realized it is like a vacation to me, I had been working since ages without rest like a machine. The time I got to wait is the moment I can spend with my family. I can clean my home, make supper and go on evening walks- the much awaited things or times that I could have never got if I would not have been jobless!.

2. Live the moment: The most clichéd , yet the perfect way of living in any condition. Let us understand with another example. Most impatient wait is the wedding day. We prepares for the day since months and plan everything to ensure everything goes perfect. Being a bride/groom, fear is on its peak (for the perfect wedding). I have seen people suffering (bad health) and fainting due to the fear of the “moment”. Instead of the fear if they would have enjoyed the moment of shopping, of planning, of inviting guests, of arrangements, of floral decorations and the pleasure of being with relatives, old friends, the live will be much more easier. The moments gone never comes back what remains is the regret of not being in the moment.

3. Let Go, enjoy the uncertainty: We all enjoy when everything is in our control but tend to lose the patience when we certainly becomes uncertain. That is the moment! Apart from all the controlled adventures, we must have enjoyed a thrill, which was unplanned, could be a trip or a random moment. When life is so unsure for the next moment then why crave to control the future? Why not go with the flow and land where life take us? There are times when we are not happy with the life but have no idea where to go and get the happiness we always wanted. Many people get depressed but I call it the best situation because when you are at the lowest step of the ladder, there is only one way and that goes up! Reaching on the top will take time all you have to do is let go, life itself will unfold and show you the way, till then be uncertain (wink).

4. Find substitutes: I feel this is the most therapeutic way of being patient. Reached earlier for the interview and there is enough time for the interview to start. If you feeling impatient in the meanwhile, go grab the magazine or a newspaper. Sometimes it’s good to stay gadget free as well!. If not use your phone and read. You can talk to your friend, with whom you have not talked for long. Just utilize the time in anyway, so that you don’t lose patience and when you go in the room for interview, you look cool, calm and mature. This will also give a good impression of your personality on the interviewer.

All you have to remember that you get everything you wish, in its own time. Don’t lose hope and be creative during the wait. So that when your thing arrives to you in its time, instead of being puzzled and frustrated, you are ready for your masterpiece just in time.


Image Source: http://www.yesofcorsa.com


About Shree Shradha

Liberal, Free and unconventional with a sense of responsibility.
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