We are the experts in Holding Back!!!!

 “I want to go dance in the rain. No, no, no… Wait!!… I should not, what people will say?”

This is just a small example for which we might not care but it exists. This is nothing but just a hesitation. Hesitation of being judged, Hesitation of being monitored, Hesitation of coming out of comforts Zone. The hesitation basically is an outcome of the way we are brought up. The manners we are taught and the Moral values we are seeded with.

These values of course got evolved so that we can empathize with each other and respect each other. But in doing so, the evolution has covertly created a differentiation of good and bad.

This good/bad is also very vague as its origin. Thing that gets accepted by majority becomes good and the things which gets discarded, becomes bad. The concept in itself is rooted very deep within all of us and becomes a different matter of awakening.

Holding back is nothing but clinging to what we should let go. We all know that what we have will once become what we had and lead to a possibility of what we will have.  Holding on is the fear of losing what we have and in doing so we close our conscience which has all the ability to explore the possibility of what we can have. Fear comes in because future is uncertain. We are not sure whether the gift that it brings will be equally expensive (emotional attachment) as it is today.


In the process of growing up, we get so much entangled in this fear that we conserve ourselves. Instead of judging our inner soul on our own, we get dependent on the judgment of others. We subside the fact that their judgement will depend on their environment, their upbringing, their morals which will definitely not match in case of anyone else’s context. We are all individuals. Just like our fingerprints nothing will be in common. Then why we should accept the judgement of others and the decisions for granted when they have not lived our life.

The day we would understand our individuality and will respect that, we will be able to appreciate that we should depend on ourselves for defining us. We will no more be bothered about the perception of others about us. We will be able to cherish life and will have no more dependence on holding things for our happiness. We would all have our concepts cleared that whatever future will bring within its uncertainty, will definitely be favorable for us. The fear of loss will end and we will fly …..


About Shree Shradha

Liberal, Free and unconventional with a sense of responsibility.
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